Monthly Archives: August 2013

Buzz Howard

Rick has been the catalyst for my journey toward more intentional leadership. Not only has he made a huge impact on me personally, but has engaged with my entire company! He is not just a great mentor…but now a cherished friend.

Jerry Karapetyan

Rick has been pouring a lot of time and knowledge into my life. He has been very open sharing things that he has been going through and has helped me to become better in my personal life.

Evangeline Scott

Rick has brought leadership in to my life. He holds Maxwell book masterminds, classes and is always there to assist anyone with their leadership. He has had a huge impact in my life.

Robert Walatka

Rick has brought the Maxwell leadership teachings to several real estate companies in the Sacramento area in the face of opposition to this strategy. I and other professionals that I know have benefited and been far more productive from the things we have learned.

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