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Who has made a difference for you?

Who has made a difference for you? A teacher, a coach, a family friend? Personally, I learned some of life’s greatest lessons…on a construction site. My friend, mentor, and former boss, Ed, had a huge impact on my life as a seventeen-year-old kid. He taught me to: Make every move count. If I was carrying […]

Renee Friedrich

Rick is an amazing servant leader in my opinion. He looks for ways to pour into others every single day and has made a huge contribution to the Sacramento community because of this. Personally, I serve on the board of the Junior League of Sacramento and have had the opportunity to experience and share many […]

Ghedeon Bere

Rick is a different kind of a teacher, a different kind of coach. He listens, as if he has nothing better to do, he believes as if he knows something I don’t know (about myself), and he hopes as if he’s already seen who I could be. Quick to give, and quick to admit his […]

Charil Daniels

Rick’s ability to connect with people is amazing. The fact that he is accessible allows you to foster a growing relationship that encourages a positive collaborative relationship. His sincerity creates a trusting foundation. Because of him, I can honestly say that I am a better person, a stronger communicating leader and a driven visionary. I […]

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