Vision Violation

If you are a leader, you know that one of the most important things you can do for your organization is to have a clear vision. Without a clear vision, it is extremely difficult to articulate what your purpose is to both your employees and your clients. This, in turn, makes your organization less efficient […]

Creating a Highly Cooperative Team

How well is your team working together? As we look at building highly collaborative teams, there are some really important things to look at as we do that. I love this phrase, it helps me every time I start thinking about or talking about, or bringing together a collaborative team. I think about this definition […]

Developing a High Performance Team

I have a few thoughts to share with you on developing a high performance team. Now, you’ve either been on a team, have led one, or have created one, and you’ll have some thoughts on this as well. I want to give you some perspective on what I’ve learned through my own experience, as well as […]

How Do We Help Our People Perform at Their Natural Best?

There’s a recurring theme that has come up recently during the leadership training I facilitate: How do we help our people perform at their natural best? It’s a great thought process, it’s a great conversation. If we could have people in the place where they are naturally at their best, what’s that look like? What’s […]

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