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The Sinking Boat

March 15, 2014 | Rick VanDermyden

In 2007, I was failing miserably…and my clients were failing miserably.

At the time, I was mentoring a couple as they started a new business. We were highly focused on their next steps for success. We were doing everything necessary to take their business to the next level.

There was only one problem.

They were fighting every step of the way. They fought me, they fought my advice, and they fought each other.

 I felt like I was the only one bailing in a sinking boat.

Then one day I turned on a recording of Jim Rohn and I found sudden peace and clarity. He said, “Everyone needs what you have, but not everyone deserves it.” It was a light bulb moment for me.

That couple needed my knowledge, advice, and partnership, but they were unwilling to receive it. I decided to cancel the mentorship agreement.

My question for you today: Are you pouring your time, energy, and advice into the right people?

To answer that question, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are they listening? If you don’t see results and application, then your clients or teammates are not ready for what you have to give. Find clients that are ready and willing to work for their results.
  2. Do they value your time and services? Do they show up on time? Are they prepared for each meeting? If you are there to serve them to the best of your ability, then they have a responsibility to show up prepared to use your time wisely. Mentorship is an investment for both the mentor and the mentee.
  3. Are you the best person to serve the mentee? As you grow your business, you will have more opportunities to work with your ideal clients and teammates. Your challenge is to grow with your business. Become the best possible person to serve your clients and team members and you will find that your advice and mentorship falls on fertile soil.

I’d like to challenge you this week to reflect on this post. Who should you be scheduling into your calendar and who should you be scheduling out of it?

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