Margaret Comparan

October 15, 2013 | admin

Rick is the embodiment of a servant leader. His walk matches his talk, he is in-line with his “core values.” He is always looking for ways to add value to others and to provide growth opportunities to anyone who desires to grow. He facilitates weekly masterminds and monthly leadership discussion groups. He has brought numerous leadership events to the community. I am honored to work with Rick. I hear from people on a daily basis about what he has done for them, how much they have grown as a leader in their businesses, organizations, community and families. People trust and respect Rick. He lives in integrity. It truly is wonderful to work with a man that is passionate about people and who energizes all who he comes into contact with. Rick is always looking for ways to do more, give more, have more. And he wants the same for you. He does not ever “settle.” He seeks out those who will help him grow and then turns and shares it with others. His passion to grow is contagious. Rick grows Leaders!

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